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From Here On In: The DVD 1997-2004

From Here On In: The DVD 1997-2004
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Format: DVD (Music)
Released: 2004
Label: EMI
Catalogue No: 7243 5441529 6

Item Info

2 DVDs includes a feature length documentary, all the clips and the Supergig.


Music Videos & Supergig (Disc 1)

1. Prisoner Of Society
2. Second Solution
3. Save The Day
4. All Torn Down
5. West End Riot
6. Pictures In The Mirror
7. Roll On (USA & Aust Versions)
8. Dirty Man
9. One Said To The Other
10. Who's Gonna Save Us? (USA & Aust Versions)
11. Tabloid Magazine
12. I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got
13. Roll On (Summersonic)
14. Save The Day (Splendour In The Grass)
15. One Said To The Other (Summersonic)
16. Prisoner Of Society (Summersonic)
17. Blinded (Big Day Out)
18. West End Riot (Splendour In The Grass)
19. Pictures In The Mirror (Summersonic)
20. All Torn Down (Big Day Out)
21. Carry Me Home (Splendour In The Grass)
22. What Would You Do? (Big Day Out)
23. E-Boogie (Splendour In The Grass)
24. Second Solution (Summersonic)
25. Photo Gallery

In The End (Disc 2)

1. In The End (2hr Feature Documentary)

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