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The Complete Master Works

by Tenacious D (See Artist Discography Page)
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Format: DVD
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2 DVD set. Features an entire live concert, 6 HBO episodes, 3 HBO short films, Tenacious D in the studio, TV appearances, music videos and a documentary.

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DVD and cover are in mint to near mint (M-NM) condition.

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    Disc 1

    1. Program Start (Live)
    2. Flash (Live)
    3. Wonderboy (Live)
    4. Explosivo (Live)
    5. Medley (Live)
    6. Karate (Live)
    7. Kyle Quit The Band (Live)
    8. Friendship (Live)
    9. Kielbasa (Live)
    10. Dio (Live)
    11. The Road (Live)
    12. The Cosmic Shame (Live)
    13. Fuck Her Gently (Live)
    14. Tribute (Live)
    15. Rock Your Socks (Live)
    16. Double Team (Live)
    17. Search For Inspirado (HBO Episode)
    18. Angel In Disguise (HBO Episode)
    19. Death Of A Dream (HBO Episode)
    20. The Greatest Song In The World (HBO Episode)
    21. The Fan (HBO Episode)
    22. Road Gig (HBO Episode)

    Disc 2

    1. JB's BJ (HBO Short Film)
    2. Rock Star Sperm For Sale (HBO Short Film)
    3. Butt Baby (HBO Short Film)
    4. Tribute (Music Video)
    5. Making Of Tribute
    6. Wonderboy (Music Video)
    7. Making Of Wonderboy
    8. Fuck Her Gently (Music Video)

Format: DVD
Released: 2003
Label: Epic
Catalogue No: 202194.9
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