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The Years 1979-1997

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CD is in very good (VG) condition. Cover is in very good plus (VG+) condition

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    Disc 1

    1. Just Keep Walking
    2. The Loved One
    3. Stay Young
    4. The One Thing
    5. Don't Change
    6. To Look At You
    7. Original Sin
    8. I Send A Message
    9. Burn For You
    10. Dancing On The Jetty
    11. This Time
    12. What You Need
    13. Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)"
    14. Listen Like Thieves
    15. Shine Like It Does
    16. Need You Tonight
    17. Devil Inside
    18. New Sensation
    19. Mystify
    20. Kick
    21. Never Tear Us Apart

    Disc 2

    1. Suicide Blonde
    2. Disappear
    3. Bitter Tears
    4. By My Side
    5. The Stairs (Live)
    6. Shining Star
    7. Heaven Sent
    8. Taste It
    9. Baby Don't Cry
    10. Beautiful Girl
    11. Not Enough Time
    12. The Gift
    13. Please (You Got That...)
    14. Time
    15. The Strangest Party (These Are The Times)
    16. Elegantly Wasted
    17. Don't Lose Your Head
    18. Searching (Leadstation Radio Mix)
    19. Salvation Jane
    20. Tight

Format: CD
Released: 2002
Label: Mercury
Catalogue No: 063470-2
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