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Five Men In A Hut: Singles 1998-2004

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Format: DVD
Price: $18.00

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The DVD features 12 music videos, as well as live footage and band interviews.

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DVD and cover are in mint to near mint (M-NM) condition.

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    Disc 1

    1. 78 Stone Wobble (Video)
    2. Get Myself Arrested (Video)
    3. Whippin’ Piccadilly (Video)
    4. Bring It On (Video)
    5. Rhythm And Blues Alibi (Video)
    6. We Haven’t Turned Around (Video)
    7. Machismo (Video)
    8. Shot Shot (Video)
    9. Sound of Sounds (Video)
    10. Ping One Down (Video)
    11. Catch Me Up (Video)
    12. Silence (Video)
    13. Bring It On (Interview)
    14. Make No Sound (Live At The Music Centre, Dublin)
    15. 78 Stone Wobble (Live At The Music Centre, Dublin)
    16. Hangover (Live At Liquid Skin Launch Showcase)
    17. Way You Do The Things You Do (Live At Liquid Skin Launch Showcase)
    18. Rosemary (Live At Liquid Skin Launch Showcase)
    19. Rhythm And Blues Alibi (Live At Liquid Skin Launch Showcase)
    20. Split The Difference (Interview)

Format: DVD
Released: 2006
Label: Virgin Records
Catalogue No: 00946 3 72061 9 5
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