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Format: DVD
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DVD includes Live at The Forum, one hour documentary and video clips from all over the world.

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DVD and cover are in mint to near mint (M-NM) condition.

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    Disc 1

    1. Get What You Need
    2. Last Chance
    3. Rollover DJ
    4. Sweet Young Thing
    5. Lazy Gun
    6. Radio Song
    7. Look What You've Done
    8. Hey Kids
    9. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
    10. Cold Hard Bitch
    11. Get Me Outta Here
    12. Take It Or Leave It
    13. Move On
    14. That's Alright Mama (Feat. Chris Cheney from The Living End)
    15. Take It Or Leave It (Video Clip)
    16. Rollover DJ (Video Clip)
    17. Rollover DJ (US Video Clip)
    18. Look What You've Done (UK Video Clip)
    19. Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Video Clip)
    20. Cold Hard Bitch (Video Clip)

Format: DVD
Released: 2004
Label: Capitol / Real Horrorshow
Catalogue No: 7243 5 44324 9 1
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