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Sunset Studies

by Augie March (See Artist Discography Page)
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First full length release from Augie March. Contains the singles "Asleep In Perfection", "The Hole In Your Roof", "Here Comes The Night", "Heartbeat And Sails" and "There Is No Such Place". Alternate version was released as a six panel story book format (First 3,000 released).

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CD and cover are in mint to near mint (M-NM) condition.

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    Disc 1

    1. The Hole In Your Roof
    2. Maroondah Reservoir
    3. There Is No Such Place
    4. Tulip
    5. Tasman Awakens
    6. Believe Me
    7. Sunset Studies
    8. Men Who Follow Spring The Planet 'Round
    9. Angels Of The Bowling Green
    10. Heartbeat And Sails
    11. The Offer
    12. The Good Gardener (On How He Fell)
    13. Here Comes The Night
    14. Asleep In Perfection
    15. Owen's Lament

Format: CD
Released: 2000
Label: Ra Records
Catalogue No: 74321 787962
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