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About Oz Music Collector
Oz music collector is a website created by music collectors for music collectors.
The site comprises of 2 major parts, the Discography section and the sales section.

Discography Secion
The discography section aims to go further then most discographies that you will find on the web, where you would usually find only the musical output from a band. The discographies you will find here also includes an artists visual releases (DVD, VHS), Posters (Both tour and promotional posters), Books and other memorabilia giving a more complete listing for collectors to explore.
It is also open to user input, helping vary the sources that information comes from.

Sales Section
The sales section is a place to find some of those items you are looking to purchase. The site offers a wide range of items for sale in an easy to use searchable database.
Take some time and look around. There are many hard to find items for sale, as well as items selling at great prices!

Set up your own account for free to gain access to features such as the ability to add artists and items to the discography pages, Keep a list of "wishlist" items you find in the discography section and much more.

If you have any questions you can contact us on our Contact Page.

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